Robot Simulator of the Robotics Group for Self-Organization of Control  0.8.0
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Camera Class Reference

A Robot Camera. More...

#include <camera.h>


struct  CameraImage
 structure to store the image data and information for display More...
struct  PostDrawCallback

Public Types

typedef std::vector< CameraImageCameraImages

Public Member Functions

 Camera (const CameraConf &conf=getDefaultConf())
 Creates a camera. More...
virtual ~Camera ()
virtual void init (const OdeHandle &odeHandle, const OsgHandle &osgHandle, Primitive *body, const osg::Matrix &pose)
 initializes the camera. More...
virtual void setPose (const osg::Matrix &pose)
 changes the relative pose of the camera More...
virtual osg::Matrix getPose ()
 relative pose of the camera More...
virtual const CameraImagesgetImages () const
 all images (raw and processed) More...
virtual const osg::Image * getImage () const
 last image of processing stack More...
virtual osg::Camera * getRRTCam ()
virtual void update ()
bool isInitialized ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CameraConf getDefaultConf ()

Detailed Description

A Robot Camera.

Implements a simulated camera with full OpenGL rendering.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<CameraImage > CameraImages

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Camera ( const CameraConf conf = getDefaultConf())

Creates a camera.

Note that the order in which the image processors are positioned in conf.imageProcessors matters. The resulting CameraImages are stored in a list (see getImages) and usually the processors use the last image in this list (result of last processing).

~Camera ( )

Member Function Documentation

static CameraConf getDefaultConf ( )
virtual const osg::Image* getImage ( ) const

last image of processing stack

virtual const CameraImages& getImages ( ) const

all images (raw and processed)

osg::Matrix getPose ( )

relative pose of the camera

returns the relative pose of the camera

virtual osg::Camera* getRRTCam ( )
void init ( const OdeHandle odeHandle,
const OsgHandle osgHandle,
Primitive body,
const osg::Matrix pose 

initializes the camera.

The OSG camera is created and the raw image and the imageprocessor is initialized.

bool isInitialized ( )
void setPose ( const osg::Matrix pose)

changes the relative pose of the camera

void update ( )

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