Forschungsverbund für Selbstorganisierte Robotik

On this page you will find the software that is depeloped by our group. The comprehensive software package is called lpzrobots and contains many subprojects. The most important ones are selforg and ode_robots. The first one is a framework for implementing controllers that also contains the implentation of the homeokinetic controller in different versions. ode_robots is a 3D phyiscally realistic robot simulator. Both projects are mostly developed by Georg Martius. You can now get different packages for Linux and download the sub projects individually. To easy the installation we also provide .deb packages for ubuntu, source debian packages for other distributions as well as the source buddles. All software is developed under Linux and is now also ported to MAC-OS. Most of our code is licensed under GPL. However some parts, especially the controllers are copyrighted with Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

The lpzrobots project is programmed in C++ and includes many subprojects, for more information about installation and implementation see the online help.

Install and Documentation

Read the installation instructions on online help. We have packages for Ubuntu! There are also some Tutorials and FAQ.

We have also a google group for discussions. Feel free to join!

Download Sources

The current version is 0.7 and is available from here.
To get the current development version clone the git repository.

Older Releases

For 0.6 go here. Older releases see here.


You can try the experiments described in the book "The Playful Machine" by Ralf Der and Georg Martius.